Learn to live better in your body.

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Your health isn’t just your health.

It’s your future.


If you want to feel better — body, mind, and spirit — the power is within you.


I teach people with autoimmune issues or chronic pain to live better in their bodies — and fall in love with life again!



Ready to learn to live better in your body – despite your diagnosis?


If you want to take back control of your health and wellbeing through embodied wellness practices designed just for your body and your circumstances…


I’m here for you.


Select from a variety of programs, either in person or online, ensuring you find the right fit.


So whether you want the support of a like-minded community of amazing new friends behind you in a group program, or prefer the dedicated support offered in a one-on-one program tailored just for you and designed to meet your unique needs, there is a program for you.

Online Group Program

The Vitality Rx is my signature program for people with autoimmune issues or chronic pain. Learn the fundamentals of using yoga/movement, mindfulness, mindset and lifestyle upgrades to elevate your health and wellbeing — completed on your own time through audio and video recordings and written assignments. PLUS enjoy live classes and calls and a supportive online community.


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Private Online Yoga Classes

The fastest track to transforming your health and wellbeing! You will love personalized one-on-one yoga/movement sessions right in your own home, no matter where you live. Work with me privately in my online studio, with a program created just for you and your unique goals. If pain or physical limitations have held you back in group classes, or you just want more dedicated support to fit your needs, schedule a free consultation today.

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Local Group Classes

Choose from two locations in the Poconos, PA, for Vitality Rx, my signature program combining yoga, mindfulness, mindset and lifestyle upgrades. Weekly classes, additional home assignments, and a supportive community will skyrocket your progress.

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Yoga Tune Up® Workshops

I teach a variety of Yoga Tune Up® workshops in and around PA, NJ, NY. Check out a list of my upcoming workshops, or schedule one for your studio, workplace, or retreat.

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NeuroKinetic Therapy®

If an injury, whether short or long term, is interfering with your ability to sleep, work, or enjoy life, private sessions of NeuroKinetic Therapy® might help to uncover and treat the root causes of the physical dysfunction. Now taking appointments in and around Stroudsburg, PA.

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A Natural Approach to Back Pain

The most common approaches to back pain – surgery, opioids, and steroids – have been shown unhelpful for most people, and downright harmful for some. The evidence is mounting that alternative treatments –  like those taught in the 4-week Low Back Magic series – such as movement, yoga, and massage, work better in many cases. Find out more.

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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my coaching sessions with Meredith. Once we began though, I quickly realized how beneficial her coaching was for my life. …I was overwhelmed trying to balance the demands of daily life. Meredith outlined strategies to help organize my busy schedule. Each week, Meredith would check in and hold me accountable for the goals we set during our prior conversation. I knew that if I hadn’t followed my plan for “me time,” Meredith would call me on it. I feel the greatest benefit I gained from working with Meredith, is a stronger knowledge on how to better organize all the little things. I don’t feel so wound up all the time, and as a result, it has trickled down to my kids – they seem calmer as well. Also, she reminded me to cut myself some slack, and to not be so hard on myself all the time. I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Meredith for anyone looking to regain focus in their life.

Rachael Kelly

Photographer, Nazareth, PA