Autoimmunity or chronic pain stealing your joy? Tame your pain and reclaim your spirit!

You have pain.  And fatigue.  And lots of doctors. And diagnoses — or maybe no clear diagnosis, just a whole bunch of annoying symptoms. And sometimes a lot of fear.

When you have chronic pain and autoimmune issues, those things can start to take over your life, until one day you wake up and don’t even recognize yourself anymore.

She Swings on a Star is about your journey back to you. Back to your hopes. Your dreams. Your relationships. Your vitality. So you can fall in love with life again.

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Meredith Hutter Chamorro, your guide to living better in your body.

I got up this morning so stiff it was terrible. As soon as I started using the (Yoga Tune Up® Therapy) balls it helped so much and loosened everything up. Without you I would be like that all day. So THANK YOU!!!

Jean Gallo

Vitality Rx student with Rheumatoid Disease, Dingmans Ferry, PA

I joined Meredith’s yoga class to, at first, have some uninterrupted time for myself and deal with some pain I have been having for over a year.  After attending 1 class, I knew this was exactly what my mind and body needed!  I have learned to breathe deeply, which helps me to focus and sleep more soundly. I just feel better by getting more oxygen!  I continue to learn at every class, new ways of relaxing and stretching using the tools Meredith recommends.  There is no judging, just a sense of caring, peace and calm.  The classes taught by Meredith, in her kind and gentle voice, help each of us to understand and love ourselves~ it is truly a gift.  I feel so uplifted at the end of our session!  We are provided with the knowledge of the importance of self love and self care.  Meredith’s dedication to her students shines through at every session. I am so grateful that we are blessed to have Meredith in our area. I would recommend her program to anyone!

Kelly Wulfhorst

Vitality Rx student , Dingmans Ferry, PA