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Writing about holistic approaches to conquering pain and illness while enjoying your life wholeheartedly.

Goals, Resolutions, or Intentions – what works for you?

Goals, Resolutions, or Intentions – what works for you?

Do you set resolutions on New Year’s Day? Do you ever actually keep those resolutions? How do you feel about setting goals?   Personally, I love the process of setting goals and resolutions, but I prefer the yogic idea of choosing a sankalpa rather than making resolutions, which have taken on a reputation of beingread more →

Self-care Strategy:  Evening Ritual

Self-care Strategy: Evening Ritual

  Say it with me:  Self-care is healthcare!     And an evening ritual is a great way to support your self-care strategy, while integrating healthy sleep hygiene into your life.   Your evening ritual should be personal (meaning it should make sense to YOU), doable, and practiced consistently for best results. When crafting yourread more →

The Art of Connecting to Your Body’s Wisdom

                    As I think back over the years, both before and after developing autoimmune issues, I realize how little I listened to my body. It actually makes me cringe when I think about it now.   It took chronic, debilitating pain screaming at me to finallyread more →

"Thank you so much for the coaching session! It was amazing to me how the "right questions" could put everything

regarding my choices into perspective.

Sometimes when we are in the middle of our situations, we can not clearly see the way to our own happiness. The session
with you helped me to see that the solution, which I thought was complicated and difficult to reach, was actually in my own hands
the whole time."

With best regards,

"My initial coaching session with Meredith focused on clarifying my goals and taking steps towards reaching the balanced lifestyle I envisioned for myself and my family. At that time, my energy was scattered and I felt overwhelmed. I needed to focus but did not know how to move out of the exhausting cycle I'd found myself stuck within. Meredith provided just what I needed to move into a more productive, creative, and peaceful place. Her voice as a coach pushed me forward into the direction I desired to go."

-Brianne, thisismyoffering.blogspot.com

"I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my coaching sessions with Meredith. Once we began though, I quickly realized how beneficial her coaching was for my life. Having recently returned to the workforce after a 13 year absence to raise kiddos, I was overwhelmed trying to balance the demands of daily life. Meredith outlined strategies to help organize my busy schedule. Each week, Meredith would check in and hold me accountable for the goals we set during our prior conversation. I knew that if I hadn’t followed my plan for “me time”, Meredith would call me on it. I feel the greatest benefit I gained from working with Meredith, is a stronger knowledge on how to better organize all the little things. I don’t feel so wound up all the time, and as a result, it has trickled down to my kids - they seem calmer as well. Also, she reminded me to cut myself some slack, and to not be so hard on myself all the time. I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Meredith for anyone looking to regain focus in their life."

-Rachael K.

You have pain. And fatigue. And lots of doctors. And diagnoses – or maybe no clear diagnosis, just a whole bunch of annoying symptoms. And sometimes a lot of fear.

When you have chronic pain and autoimmune issues, those things can start to take over your life until one day you wake up and don’t even recognize yourself anymore.

She Swings on a Star is about your journey back to you. Back to your hopes. Your dreams. Your relationships. Your vitality. So you can fall in love with life again.

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